We are the Judges!

Projects Judges

On Monday April 27th, a team of experts and our own homegrown talent will have the difficult job of narrowing down these 9 proposals to 3, so that we may pass them forward to the NCESSE on May 6th, for Step Review where the experiment that will be carried out on the ISS will be chosen.

Projects Judges

We are indebted to the following outside and local talent for helping to be part of our decision board on Monday. This includes:

# Mentor Name Institute
1 Professor Tim Barfoot University of Toronto Aerospace
2 Scott Mckay University of Toronto
3 Haroon Oqab Canadian Space Society
4 Matt Malone RASC presenter and Roots Cause Engineer and Forensic Scientist
5 Dr. Cheryl Madeira OISE
6 Eric Choi Aerospace Engineer with CanSys, Science Writer
7 Hanuel Hayden Park Doctorate candidate in chemistry at University of Toronto
8 Dr. Taryn Reider Neuroscientist and current OISE student
9 Daniel Genesse Science Teacher
10 Dr.Sean Clapham Science Teacher
11 Kim Tran Science Teacher
12 Siska Notobiwowo Science Teacher

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